Hello guys, I hope everyone is so well. I would love you to all know that my time in Perth has come to an end and I am making my move back to Melbourne!!!

Yes that’s right. I am permanently relocated to Melbourne. I am super excited about this change…

I hope everyone is safe and well. Sending you all sooooo much love.
Honey xoxox

Human Connection, Love & Intimacy

It’s Interesting how wonderfully different us human beings are, but no matter what, we all have an end goal. TO FEEL GOOD. TO FEEL CONNECTED, LOVED AND APPRECIATED is the most important need we have.

When people are lying on their death beds, seldom would you ever hear one say “dayum I’m upset i never got that dream luxury car” but, you will hear many say they have regrets about not being able to spend more time with the special people in their lives, making memorable connections with other humans, and bonding, because, learning to connect on a high vibrational level with others truly helps ones soul to grow and evolve.

What I’m trying to say, is life is for LIVING, enjoying as many incredible experiences as we possibly can! Travel, human bonding, uplifting and deeply satisfying sexual experiences being a few of the most important! This is one of the reasons why I LOVE what i do so much.

sexual connections and intimacyI feel my role as a social companion, friend, lover and courtesan is to truly enjoy my clients and bring out the best qualities in them possible, sometimes, i feel I am discovering s box of hidden treasures! As my clients and I are so intimately involved, I feel I see a side of them that many people in their day to day living may not see, bring out, or even appreciate.

Because we are in a “secret world of Honey” when we are together, my clients, I assume at times are quite vulnerable (in a great way) and share many thoughts, ideas and talents with me that possibly they may not share in their day to day living, and I too share many of my insights of life, love and personal experience. This to me is really special as I feel this helps to build a really strong bond and really just improves our relationship in general. Each visit learning more and more about one another.

I have a very dear client of mine, that tells me frequently that ever since he met me, he feels he has become a better person. (Not just in the bedroom ;))))) but in LIFE! This truly warms my heart, and the cool thing is, I can see it! each time we catch up I see more of a spark in his eyes, he is healthier, fitter and just more “sparkly” than ever, and I don’t think its just the great sex. It’s more than that. Its allowing a person to truly be their selves and accepting them for who they truly are. Seeing their awesome qualities, that maybe over time, they may not recognise anymore.

I’m not saying this so everyone can go out and book an escort, But just a beautiful reminder how important it is to spend time with those that help to remind us how beautiful life can be!

And maybe if we feel as the people around us aren’t so positive, take a step back and spend some time SOLO! One of the ways I like to recoup my energy is to spend time alone, to reflect, cleanse myself and bring myself back into a lovely balance, and I then find, naturally I attract awesome human beings!

Thanks for reading my thoughts from the heart.

I hope my words can touch someone.
Love Honey xoxox

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