Hello guys, I hope everyone is so well. I would love you to all know that my time in Perth has come to an end and I am making my move back to Melbourne!!!

Yes that’s right. I am permanently relocated to Melbourne. I am super excited about this change…

I hope everyone is safe and well. Sending you all sooooo much love.
Honey xoxox

Join me on an
Unforgettable Escapade
Experience heightened states of bliss, ecstasy and erotic self discovery like never before! 
From Luke
Simply the best, for many different reasons. a whole new level. ~ LUKE (read the full review on Scarlet Blue)
From Charlie
I felt an instant connection with Honey that I have never felt with partners of years. It was electric. Honey excites me in a way that no other could, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. Imagine having your dream girl (and that is an understatement), the kindest person imaginable, the most passionate of lovers, and your best friend all rolled up in one delectably sexy package. Gentlemen - I give you the 8th wonder of the world - Honey Adams. ~ CHARLIE (read the full review on Scarlet Blue)
From Aaron
I had a great opportunity to see Honey recently, I'd say she's the Rolls - Royce of escorts. She was charming, respectful, She is passionate and has a great sense of humour. The session was steamy as expected and I walked out a satisfied man. She certainly deserves a 5-Star rating. I am looking forward to meet her again soon. She is surely is a dream come true for me. ~ AARON (read the full review on Scarlet Blue)
From Jay
Therapy in its purest and finest form. The truly unique experience this woman offers is a tonic to alleviate the most severe of our moronic everyday mental menaces. Each experience with Honey (third for me and entirely hooked) was, is and surely will be the height of my sexual capacity. "Mind blown" is a weak description. Her intense, sustained sorcery gradually builds to an explosive climax and when it arrives is overwhelming. "Mind opening" may be a closer description. One-stop merchants, walk on. There is no comparison of service in this profession. None. None. ~ JAY (read the full review on Scarlet Blue)

Hello & Welcome To HoneyLand .. I am so glad to see you here! It is no accident that we have come in contact - call it divine timing ...

I am Miss Honey Adams ..
the beautiful companion of your dreams!

I am a nurturing, loving and deeply sexual woman, who thrives off intimate relationships and helping you to open and remember the deep pleasure that is awaiting to be had in life.

I cater for discerning men, women and couples seeking a sacred, erotic and special experience. I am highly exclusive and choose to spend my time with select number of souls who seek to connect with high vibrational energy.

What I offer is authentic and true to my soul, and believe this is what makes me so sought after in the industry. I absolutely love human touch and relish in deep, erotic intimacy.


Discover a new type of sexual ecstasy and bliss like you may have never experienced before. Connecting you to the wonder of life again, and the joy that can be had in each moment.

“Get ready to experience passion, excitement and a deep sexual connection with an erotic goddess who will remind you how fun and enchanting life should be”!

Imagine a lustful weekend away with the woman of your dreams, away from the mundane stress of life, nothing else matters apart from how many amazing experiences of bliss you can have together, sharing laughter, special moments created together that will last a lifetime, bringing you so much happiness for years to come!

From basking in the sun on a European summer in Greece, or luxury ski lodges in the Swiss Alps, all in the company of a deeply loving, joyful girlfriend with no drama, just good times. Feeling the deep heart connection that every soul on this earth desires and needs to thrive.

Recent studies show that Love and connection keeps us alive and thriving, bringing more success in business, health, home life and all our close relationships and also makes us live longer.

  • Exclusive Erotic connections, bringing you into a higher vibrational bliss.
  • Offering a very unique experience as an international high class escort who is also deeply spiritual and in true integrity and alignment, offering unique heart opening connections.
  • Available worldwide with 48 hours notice for any type of date you have ever dreamt off – (FLY-ME-TO-YOU is my specialty)!
  • Deposits and services paid in full can be done via credit card or bank deposit.

I deeply understand that booking an escort (or doing anything in life for the first time can be daunting) and a little scary and feels like a large investment into “unknown land”.

I can proudly say that i am highly reviewed and extremely respected in the industry, putting your trust in me will be the best thing you have ever done. You deserve to be pampered and loved and seen for the beautiful soul you are.

Before committing to a extended rendezvous (I am happy to offer shorter first time meetings, I suggest a minimum of 2 hours) to establish intimacy and connection, giving you the opportunity to feel if we are a match.

Want to know what other men and women just like you are saying about me an my unique services? Be sure to read the reviews left by some of my special lovers who have generously offered to share about our intimate connections over the years.

All reviews are genuinely posted on each site, check these out and come back to me soon… 
Pleasure awaits you!

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