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brunette escort interview
brunette escort interview
brunette escort interview
brunette escort interview
brunette escort interview
brunette escort interview

Why did you become an Escort?

Simple answer? Choice! I have had an interesting journey within the sex industry and am always happy to tell you my personal story when we meet. Coming close to nearly 5 years within the industry now, it’s very clear. I LOVE WHAT I DO!! I’m very lucky to have an amazing group of clients who spoil me and help me to be a better woman, lover and human being.

I am forever grateful for my personal and spiritual growth within this chosen career. Being highly sexual, and social this job is literally my perfect match.

Are you really the girl in the pictures?

YES!!! You can rest assured that ALL my photos are 100% genuine and current, I like to update my photos every 6 months. If you have any hesitation, please feel free to check out my social media page HERE. I regularly post candid #selfies and videos, as well as what fun activities I have been up too, to keep my clients in the loop.

What aspects of life do you enjoy most? What makes you tick?

For me, being active, enjoying life and living with a “yolo” (you only live once) approach is very important to me! Being stimulated by intelligent, like minded people and travel, all make me tick! I also love seeing others do well, and I believe that when we truly admire other people’s success, this reflects back to us.

Exactly what type of experience do you provide?

I would describe my experience as the affectionate, loving, super sexy girlfriend you have always longed for!

First time clients always seem to be very surprised at my super down to earth nature and my sometimes “goofy” sense of humour. I’m not at all pretentious and truly thrive off interaction with my clients. I have a high vibrational energy, in and out of the bedroom, which has been described as very addictive. I believe if I can connect with my clients on a deep emotional level, the sexual aspect of our relationship will only get better over time, and will surely reach the point of pure ecstasy.

So in a nutshell, I am the super addictive “creme de la crème” girlfriend experience, with a sprinkle of cayenne pepper 😉

Do you have a list of services/acts that you are comfortable with during a date? 

Yes I do and I must say I am very open minded, so please contact me for an exact list of services I am comfortable in taking part in during our erotic adventure.This list is great as it insures we are on the same page and you don’t overstep my boundaries. 

What is your favourite type of date?

As you have probably figured out by now from all the content in my site, that I love extended dates. Anything that involves food and sex must be a good time right? 😉

Dinner dates, overnight rendezvous and sexy weekends are my favourite types of dates, as this really gives us the time we need to truly relax within each other’s company, and get to know one another well enough to really build our chemistry and connection.

The ultimate date for me (within Australia) is a weekend booking at Hamilton Island in the Whitsunday Islands in North Queensland. The beautiful sunshine, delicious food, the ocean and me in a bikini, what’s not to love!? Read more about those types of dates here.

What is your ethnicity/where did you grow up?

I would describe myself as “Aussie” with a twist of exotic goddess! I grew up in Australia, being raised by my Australian/Scottish Mother, and with my father’s heritage being mainly Persian, I possess all that “true blue” endearing Australian charm encapsulated in an exotic exterior.

Many describe my appearance similar to Salma Hayek, Kim Kardashian or Penelope Cruz.

Do you spend time with couples and what do you like most about it?

Yes! I love spending time with couples and would be honoured if invited into your “sacred sexual space” so I can accompany you and your partner on an amazing erotic adventure, or journey to sexual self discovery. I am truly bisexual, being just as much into women as I am men. The soft touch of a woman’s lips on mine, her delicate feminine scent, the moans of a woman during love making, the curves and complexities of her amazing form, this to me is just, perfect! 

Do you indulge in dates with ladies, and what do you find most rewarding by spending time with lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious ladies?

I absolutely adore spending one on one time with fellow ladies, as women are incredible lovers! Being female I find we can tune into each other so well that bedroom play almost becomes like an erotic dance, feeding off each others sexual energy. Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, or a bi-curious lady wanting to explore her sexuality my heart and door is always open to you. If you are a little shy, or if this is your first time with a woman, don’t worry you are in the BEST hands. I am happy to take it slow, including lots of flirty chit chat, and delicate touching, as I find female clients, (more so than male), must feel 100% relaxed and connected with me to truly enjoy our date and bedroom escapade. 

What kind of men and women are you attracted to?

Chivalrous, generous men and women who are respectful of healthy boundaries. Also those who take the time to get to know my womanly body inside and out. I love having connections with my lovers that are so deep that we just “get” each other’s sexual needs and desires.

How will you be dressed for our date?

I like to dress to suit my curves, I am always dressed in classy, feminine outfits which suit the occasion. My favourite attire for sexy dates would be a high waisted figure hugging pencil skirt and sheer blouse and of course killer designer heals. I never dress to draw attention to myself and believe that some things are better left for the imagination. After all, I am YOUR special gift to unwrap. Let’s leave the bareness for the bedroom. 😉

I can get a little touchy/feely, are you ok with that, and do you enjoy public displays of affection?

As much as I love to be affectionate, I also do have a private life, which I know you respect. I will never display public affection unless we are in an environment where both of us are unknown, eg an Australian or International city I rarely visit. As I said above, I am a great believer in discretion, so in most cases intense public affection will not be displayed, let’s leave the deep kissing and sensual touching until we are in private. Acting in a polite, kind and respectful manner will always be returned to you tenfold. Also note that groping, vulgar language, openly sexual remarks will always be considered as inappropriate behaviour in public and will NEVER be tolerated.

Are you available for travel internationally?

Yes, absolutely! I love travel and am a great travel companion. I will always respect your personal space when travelling together, but at the same time I will balance this with fun and positive company. Whether I am your secret lover on a tiresome business trip, or on a fun loving European holiday adventure, please rest assured that you will always return home with a feeling of deep satisfaction. Please see my international travel page here.

What are your takes on drinking alcohol on a date?

I enjoy a glass or two of alcohol socially, but in moderation only. If you are going to drink on our date, I ask you to please drink responsibly as rudeness and getting completely sloshed is not acceptable. Also keep in mind that a heightened sexual experience is always better enjoyed when not heavily under the influence of alcohol, and I want your experience to be the BEST.

I love to party, will you ever partake in recreational drugs with me?

I love to have a great time just as much as anybody else, and I am very proud to say that I don’t need illegal substances to enhance my life. I am completely drug free and will never, ever partake in illegal drugs on a date, and do not accept bookings from those who intend to be under the influence of drugs in my company, no exceptions! If it becomes evident that you are “high” while in my company your booking will be forfeited, and no refunds will be offered.

I love to spoil and would like to bring you a gift as I feel it enhances the experience, what kinds of things do you like?

A gift is always appreciated but not expected. In all truth, which woman doesn’t like to be spoiled? 😉 I adore many things, please see my ultimate wish list here.

I am still a little unsure about what to expect, is it possible to see you “socially” without any payment?

I understand that sometimes this type of sexy arrangement can be confusing. But please understand that we have a mutually beneficial business arrangement. As tempting as it may be to want to meet with me just “socially for free” it is never an option. However I am more than happy to meet for just a “social dinner” or “coffee date” – please know my usual fee will always apply. I do not offer a “social date” rate except for my social escort Meet And Greet package.


interview with an international Australian courtesan


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