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When it comes to cock size, escorts are without a doubt the most qualified group of professionals to comment accurately on the myths and notions surrounding “the penis”.

Working as a high class escort for nearly 6 years now I have seen many appendages, and like the beautiful vagina, they come in many shapes and sizes and I possess bragging rights to have seen several hundred.

As human beings we compare ourselves to the “ideal” of what we believe we should look like, the “beautiful penis” ideal seems to have a strong affiliation to the porn scene. Big, thick, long penises seem to be the most displayed, and we are brainwashed into thinking these are the most sought after sacred “manhood”.

On the other hand women must possess a tight almost pre pubescent pussy that deems to be tight, tucked and terrific. I call bollocks on these ideals, its also slightly

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Melbourne High Class Escort Honey Adams, debunks some common myths surrounding penis size!

disturbing, as we know, there is no such thing as perfection and the absolute beauty of human beings is that we are ALL different and in my opinion perfect in our imperfections.

Which brings me to the topic of “penis anxiety

For me, I don’t have a “preference” in the male appendage. As for me building a great sexual chemistry is all about getting to know my clients on a deeper physical and emotional level, so that way we can understand each others bodies, become accustomed to “what feels good” for each other and sometimes this may be as simple as a deep sensual kiss, erotic massage, great hands and mouth knowing just wear to touch and lick to really bring each other to a state of ecstasy.

I don’t think there are many women out there who just want to be pounded by a jackrabbit for hours on end having a huge penis hit their cervix. But in saying that, this is my blog, so I will try not to generalise, but for me – Honey Adams, I like all aspects of the hot, horny sexiness of seduction and penis size is my NOT my no 1 priority, nor the be all and end all.

Below are some common myths you might have heard surrounding this very interesting topic, which I would like to help debunk.

Myth #1: The “perfect” cock size.

Every woman is different, we differ tremendously in regards to the things that get us off. The truth is there is no ideal cock size, or “one size fits all” that would fulfill every single woman’s needs and desires. We are all so very different.

Arousal is much more important than size, remember “size” isn’t what matters most. Sure, a large “member” might be a turn on for many, but the arousal is what truly pleases women. It’s all about how you make her feel leading up to and during sex.

If you keep comparing yourself to statistics, you will more than likely get a distorted reality of what a natural, healthy cock is all about which will keep you from seeing yourself as someone who uses their body to its uniqueness. It’s also unfair to feel bad about your body if you don’t “measure up” to the statistical size, when you are still capable of pleasing ANY sexual partner.

Myth #2: A big, hard cock is what pleases a woman most.

Stop thinking about your cock so much, it’s not the be all and end all, it takes more than just a “hard-on” to truly satisfy a lady.

Did you know that over 75% of women, need stimulation of the clitoris to get off? This means that most ladies ‘can and do’ achieve orgasm, without any vaginal penetration. So it’s not just a hard cock that gets women off! You have tongues and fingers guys, so learn how to use and incorporate them into sex.

Achieving an orgasm by means of penetration only, involves the pleasure zone or “G Spot”. The G spot is located about 2-3 inches on the top of the vaginal wall. It’s definitely not all about size when it comes to vaginal orgasms, and many guys will boast about being able to get a woman off with their cock even without a huge member.

The size of the cock does not really matter when the right amount of pressure, and proper rhythm is used to stimulate her pleasure zone.

Melbourne escort discusses penis sizesMyth #3: Women always gossip about the size of your dick.

It is true that many women do talk about sexual encounters with their girlfriends, (especially after a few drinks, haha) but it’s usually about the whole experience and whether you were bad, good, or amazing, the positions and what you did to please her in bed, more so than the size of your cock. In many cases if she really likes you, she will keep these details private and if she is the bragging type, she won’t even mention your cock size if was not particularly big.

What I have discovered as a high class escort is that great sex is not just about a big hard banging, it’s about arousal, true connection and intimacy, what you put in to a sexual experience, you get back tenfold, guys please remember this.

It’s also important to remember the special type of person you are, in mind and heart, this is so much more important than what is in your pants.

Remember, if your goal is just about getting off, with no thought of the woman’s pleasure, you are truly missing out on the best of what sex has to offer, with an escort, partner or a sexual encounter at a club.

If you want to open your mind and heart to amazing sex, and walk away with some new talents for pleasing women, I am very passionate, professional and discreet and would love to help you on your journey of sexual self-discovery.

In closing, please stop reading articles in men’s magazines written by alpha males who don’t have a clue and only assume what women like in bed. Instead, listen to an expert with years of experience giving and receiving sensual pleasures!

Now stop worrying about your size, you are so much more than just a cock!

I hope this article made you look at things a little differently and helped brighten your day.

Love Honey

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