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Firstly, welcome to my first ever escort blog! I’m excited to be sharing with you from my heart and mind, what I’m all about! I hope I will entertain your day, or bring a little sunshine to it at least. I plan on writing many more, and hopefully become a better writer with each post 🙂

Well, like most things in life, i feel the best way to begin writing, is at the beginning. so here goes. 
A few things you don’t know about me AKA “Honey Adams”
. I have been in this amazing industry for coming up to 5 years now, each year I tick off the box (no pun intended. 😉 I feel my personal growth is incredible.

I started out my career as an escort having ABSOLUTELY no idea what i was doing, I was living in Brisbane at the time, after recently given up my career in the fitness industry. After some personal “life challenges” I wasn’t in a good mental place, but knew in order to survive and grow, I must keep going. At the time i was financially struggling and started dancing (stripping) at probably one of the most tackiest but well known strip clubs in Brisbane, It was well known for its $5 dollar lap dances – very high class indeed. 😉 hehe.

To not go into a novel, as I realise this is a blog post, I will keep things as summarised as I can. After a very tiring but short “stint” in exotic dancing, I realised I loved to entertain, dance, but most of all CONNECT with the gentlemen that were coming into see me. Even in a short period of time at the Strip club I was already starting to have my own “regulars” that would come into visit me weekly. They enjoyed my young, bubbly, vivacious personality, and i loved seeing their familiar friendly faces each night.

Most of the time they would take me off for private dances, but i would spend the majority of the dance talking with them, massaging them and listening to their life stories, struggles, triumphs, family issues etc.
As I am naturally a “people person” and very empathetic – I just adored this aspect of my job, truly. Sadly the graveyard shift was starting to run me into the ground.

I connected well with one of the girls at the club, one evening I confided in her, telling her i was looking for “more”. More of everything – more intimacy, connections, money, less hours and more sex (as at the time there was lets just say a “lack” in my personal life, lol) I was willing to “go all the way”.

She put me in touch with one of her friends whom had connections in the sex/escort industry and was able to give me some pointers. This beautiful soul whom she put me in contact with, remains my BEST friend on the planet to this day. 🙂

The beginning of the Sex industry for me was all a bit of a blur, A blur of adrenaline, excitement and also internal “shock” that i was actually “doing IT”. I don’t know what i was expecting. My first booking was at a funny little run down hotel in Brisbane city, it was a half hour in length, felt like about five minutes in reality and truly was and “out of body” experience. I say this because i remember watching myself, outside myself as i performed “the act of sex” I ticked the boxes, but just was so disconnected with what was actually happening.

Did i enjoy it? Well, lets say I didn’t “dislike” it but i think i was so caught up in my own head at the time I didn’t even give myself the opportunity to have an opinion.

I worked non privately for about 6 months, finding my feet within the industry. Bookings were short, clients were ok, but i still felt i wasn’t connecting like I would like. I decided to become Honey Adams not long after this. I wanted my clients to be my friends, I wanted to connect on a level that was deeper than just “sex”. I felt that was what was missing while i was working non privately. I thought my clients just wanted my body, wanted me to be a certain “way”, I realise now, what was “lacking” is I was afraid to be 100% myself.

I wanted “amazing sex” to be the by product of developing deep and meaningful connections with my clients that was developed on getting to know one another emotionally, spiritually and physically. Over the years I have worked on every aspect of myself. I am extremely spiritual and in tune with myself and others, this has become a great blessing with my work and relationships.

Once I was able to fully be “myself” with my clients and connect on a deep and sometimes vulnerable level mutually, amazing relationships developed, it was a great revelation and I just fell soooooooo in love with my work!

I believe in life, if we are not growing, and moving forward, we infact are moving backwards. We MUST evolve. Other human beings help us to do this. The relationships we develop in life help us to learn about ourselves!! How cool is that?

I truly get excited about meeting my lovers (and future lovers) You never know what exciting adventures are around the corner, i get so excited even thinking about it when i type these words! I can proudly say I am SO HAPPY in my current life situation. I couldn’t be more grateful for the incredible experiences I have had so far as high class Australian escort Honey Adams. I love how life loves me, I love how my clients care for me so much, and I truly care for them deeply.

I guess this first blog has turned into a little “gratitude rant” which i am a great believer in. When we are grateful, truly in life for all our blessings, the universe will always hear us and give us even more to be grateful for. I’m smiling as i type these words.

Life is Good,

Remember – Life loves you, Always,

Honey xxx

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