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Why Not Indulge Both You AND Your Partner?

I can even guide you both through a sacred tantric love making ritual to help you intensify your orgasmic bliss. I will put you and your partner at ease, free you, and help to lift you to a higher vibration. Please inform me prior if this is something you would like to experience.

I love the thought of taking you and your partner to new sexual heights and experiences! Don’t be nervous, as I’m dedicated to putting you both at ease and freeing you as I take you to heaven and back. I’m very respectful of boundaries, and will listen to all concerns and wants fully before engaging in intimacy with the two of you. I also enjoy dates and travel with couples very much, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and the prices for your specific needs and fantasies.

escort-for-couples-melbourneIt’s a pretty special occasion for me when I am invited to play with a gorgeous couple. Be partners in life celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, or a young couple exploring their sex life for a little extra spice and anything in between,  I truly feel it’s a total honour to be invited into this special partnership for a few hours. I treat this kind of booking as a precious gem, for me personally I find it extremely enjoyable, being truly bisexual, having a beautiful woman to also play with, very much excites me, and puts a little extra spring in my step and sexy sway in my hips as I walk up to knock on your hotel door.

Before playtime however, I like to have a chat with you both to assure I am aware of boundaries, as no two couples are the same and each experience needs to be taylor suited to your personal delights and no go areas. It’s SO important to me that each person in this delectable menage a trois is completely comfortable, relaxed and feeling sexually uninhibited. Anything goes with me, so please never feel you need to hold back.

I delight in ravishing a beautiful woman. There is something about the way a woman kisses, the way she tastes, and that soft cashmere feeling skin that i like to feel, taste and caress all over, truly the 8th wonder of the world. 😉 In saying all of the above, I want to thank you for inviting me into your special world of escape, to indulge with your love and myself, I hope I can help you both to create the most incredible memories to look back on.

Memories of pure ecstasy, freedom and fun. xoxo


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