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Sexual Expectations – Average, Long Or Big SLONG?

Sexual Expectations – Average, Long Or Big SLONG?

When it comes to cock size, escorts are without a doubt the most qualified group of professionals to comment accurately on the myths and notions surrounding “the penis”.

Working as a high class escort for nearly 6 years now I have seen many appendages, and like the beautiful vagina, they come in many shapes and sizes and I possess bragging rights to have seen several hundred.

As human beings we compare ourselves to the “ideal” of what we believe we should look like, the “beautiful penis” ideal seems to have a strong affiliation to the porn scene. Big, thick, long penises seem to be the most displayed, and we are brainwashed into thinking these are the most sought after sacred “manhood”.

On the other hand women must possess a tight almost pre pubescent pussy that deems to be tight, tucked and terrific. I call bollocks on these ideals, its also slightly

high class escort Melbourne

Melbourne High Class Escort Honey Adams, debunks some common myths surrounding penis size!

disturbing, as we know, there is no such thing as perfection and the absolute beauty of human beings is that we are ALL different and in my opinion perfect in our imperfections.

Which brings me to the topic of “penis anxiety

For me, I don’t have a “preference” in the male appendage. As for me building a great sexual chemistry is all about getting to know my clients on a deeper physical and emotional level, so that way we can understand each others bodies, become accustomed to “what feels good” for each other and sometimes this may be as simple as a deep sensual kiss, erotic massage, great hands and mouth knowing just wear to touch and lick to really bring each other to a state of ecstasy.

I don’t think there are many women out there who just want to be pounded by a jackrabbit for hours on end having a huge penis hit their cervix. But in saying that, this is my blog, so I will try not to generalise, but for me – Honey Adams, I like all aspects of the hot, horny sexiness of seduction and penis size is my NOT my no 1 priority, nor the be all and end all.

Below are some common myths you might have heard surrounding this very interesting topic, which I would like to help debunk.

Myth #1: The “perfect” cock size.

Every woman is different, we differ tremendously in regards to the things that get us off. The truth is there is no ideal cock size, or “one size fits all” that would fulfill every single woman’s needs and desires. We are all so very different.

Arousal is much more important than size, remember “size” isn’t what matters most. Sure, a large “member” might be a turn on for many, but the arousal is what truly pleases women. It’s all about how you make her feel leading up to and during sex.

If you keep comparing yourself to statistics, you will more than likely get a distorted reality of what a natural, healthy cock is all about which will keep you from seeing yourself as someone who uses their body to its uniqueness. It’s also unfair to feel bad about your body if you don’t “measure up” to the statistical size, when you are still capable of pleasing ANY sexual partner.

Myth #2: A big, hard cock is what pleases a woman most.

Stop thinking about your cock so much, it’s not the be all and end all, it takes more than just a “hard-on” to truly satisfy a lady.

Did you know that over 75% of women, need stimulation of the clitoris to get off? This means that most ladies ‘can and do’ achieve orgasm, without any vaginal penetration. So it’s not just a hard cock that gets women off! You have tongues and fingers guys, so learn how to use and incorporate them into sex.

Achieving an orgasm by means of penetration only, involves the pleasure zone or “G Spot”. The G spot is located about 2-3 inches on the top of the vaginal wall. It’s definitely not all about size when it comes to vaginal orgasms, and many guys will boast about being able to get a woman off with their cock even without a huge member.

The size of the cock does not really matter when the right amount of pressure, and proper rhythm is used to stimulate her pleasure zone.

Melbourne escort discusses penis sizesMyth #3: Women always gossip about the size of your dick.

It is true that many women do talk about sexual encounters with their girlfriends, (especially after a few drinks, haha) but it’s usually about the whole experience and whether you were bad, good, or amazing, the positions and what you did to please her in bed, more so than the size of your cock. In many cases if she really likes you, she will keep these details private and if she is the bragging type, she won’t even mention your cock size if was not particularly big.

What I have discovered as a high class escort is that great sex is not just about a big hard banging, it’s about arousal, true connection and intimacy, what you put in to a sexual experience, you get back tenfold, guys please remember this.

It’s also important to remember the special type of person you are, in mind and heart, this is so much more important than what is in your pants.

Remember, if your goal is just about getting off, with no thought of the woman’s pleasure, you are truly missing out on the best of what sex has to offer, with an escort, partner or a sexual encounter at a club.

If you want to open your mind and heart to amazing sex, and walk away with some new talents for pleasing women, I am very passionate, professional and discreet and would love to help you on your journey of sexual self-discovery.

In closing, please stop reading articles in men’s magazines written by alpha males who don’t have a clue and only assume what women like in bed. Instead, listen to an expert with years of experience giving and receiving sensual pleasures!

Now stop worrying about your size, you are so much more than just a cock!

I hope this article made you look at things a little differently and helped brighten your day.

Love Honey

Why An Independent Melbourne Escort?

Why An Independent Melbourne Escort?

The answer is simple, you deserve the very best! Generally, Melbourne independent escorts are alot more friendly and attentive than girls who work with an agency. They love what they do and being true entrepreneurs they set their own prices and come and go as they please, which will reflect back to your own erotic experience and sexual journey. If you want a 5 star luxury service, always choose a high class lady who is reviewed and rated, as you will be guaranteed of class, intelligence, style and beauty all in one package!

Are you an an adventurous person? If so I invite you to explore a path of sexual self-discovery with me. I’m naturally inclined toward sensuality and sensation, and I give myself fully to the every experience. I want every sense indulged, your body opened to the far and beautiful powers of pleasure and seduction, like only a truly high end Melbourne independent escort can offer.  

I love what I do, and I feel strongly that chemistry is a vital component of creating an electrifying sexual and social experience. Because of this, I prefer to reserve my time and energy for generous and distinguished friends who truly appreciate a woman of my calibre and class. 

Melbourne independent escortsI much prefer longer bookings as I strive to provide my erotic friends with the experience they truly deserve, which in my opinion should NEVER be rushed! Therefore, my services are better suited to a certain type of client.

Let me help you experience the pleasures and sensations that your body and soul yearn for.  Allow me to seduce your mind and body, and show you the type of passion and sensation that you desire.

As much as I relish in delightful bedroom play, I also need to have my mind stimulated as well if I am to enjoy any sexual experience to the fullest. I truly appreciate my clients being on the same wavelength, as I am by no means an impersonal “wham, bam” type of woman.

Naturally, there will be times when the chemistry between us is very steamy and intense, where we are just begging to tear each other’s clothes off. However, we will also share times when the energy is much softer and sensual, where the build-up takes a little more time.

Being a true believer in energy, I understand that we all have different tastes, needs and erotic desires. At times some of us are looking for a little pampering and deep affection, so that we feel loved and wanted. While other times we may just desire some deep and intense sexual relief. I love to provide and fulfil every need and know just how to do so.

My aim is to enhance our experience through our mutual sexual exploration of sensual enlightenment. Every experience with me is new and unexpected, as the only constant is the intensity and enthusiasm of which I spend my time with you. 

Whether our visits are only occasional or you decide instead for an ongoing liaison, the heat between us will never wither or fade.

No matter how much time passes, I promise that the comfort level will remain high as I forge a spiritual connection with every special person I allow into my life. I strive to be the perfect private confidante, or sexy playmate when you feel you need to escape from reality and venture into the world of fun and fantasy. 

Whether you’re feeling stuck in a rut in the everyday goings on of your life or just needing a bit of excitement, I am the gfe escort and lady that can pull you from the mire and whisk you to true bliss as the stress and worries are left far behind.

I should note here that my services are not for everyone, I can only truly accept the requests of those that I feel I will genuinely enjoy my time with, and who will enjoy their time to the fullest with me also. I say with pride that I am the real deal when it comes to elite VIP companionship, being highly as one of the most popular independent escorts Melbourne has to offer! 

Intelligent conversation will go hand in hand with sexual exploration as I seduce your mind as well as your body. Honest, bold and intelligent gents and ladies with a sense of adventure and an open mind are the ideal clients for the services and experiences that I offer, as time spent with me will be unique and profound, filled with passion, humour, class, and elegance. Click over to my services page to find out more about me and all of my decadent packages as I truly want YOU to experience one of the most unique and genuine private escorts Melbourne has anywhere. 

Sweet As Honey Ultimate GFE Melbourne

Sweet As Honey Ultimate GFE Melbourne

gfe MelbourneAre you looking for an unforgettable girlfriend experience in Melbourne or interstate? Let me be your “sexy little secret”!

Passionate, sensual, cheeky and seductive, this is me rolled into just a few words, seduction is what I am all about, it’s what I emit when I’m walking down the street, and when I meet with you at our secret location. Let me soothe you with my sensual, soft lips, stimulate you with my intriguing mind, and AROUSE you with my delicious curves. 

You have entered into the land of Honey, where nothing else exists except you and me, here for mutual pleasure and to enjoy each other’s company. Because that’s what life is all about, isn’t it? To feel GOOD!

Wait, make that AMAZING!! 

Let me be your passionate, fantasy girlfriend! A GFE with me is as real as it gets. I love being cuddled, kissed, and I can’t wait to adore you right back, many of my acquainted friends say that I offer so much more than “the average” Melbourne escort. I love experimenting and can be quite naughty in the bedroom, so with my open-minded views and need to push sexual boundaries, you have yourself the sassy lady in the streets and the goddess between the sheets! 

Now, this is important: Don’t rush! I want our time together to be stimulating, romantic, fun, and passionate. I want to create the perfect experience for the both of us; an experience you’ll never forget.

If you are a kind, generous, and adventurous individual who would enjoy the intimate company of an intelligent, charming and classy young lady who is a master in the art of seduction and pleasure, then look no further. 

My Melbourne gfe services comply with VIC Laws and when I am traveling interstate comply with each state’s legislation.



Wild Honey PSE Melbourne With A Twist

Wild Honey PSE Melbourne With A Twist

pse melbourneIf you are looking for something a little more erotic, something more on the wild side that will leave your knees quivering and your heart pulsating, then my Melbourne PSE is the perfect experience for you! Like Christmas day with all the special trimmings!

I can be very spontaneous, and my adventurous nature and penchant for wild ideas make the possibilities with me endless! I’m in my prime, in mind and body, and I’m open-minded and full of passion and energy. 

I am a true master at what I do, and my vivid imagination is perfect for bringing any fantasy to life. Discretion, confidentiality, and exclusivity allow me to create a fantasy with my clients that can be explored fully and to the utmost of my abilities. 

I want you to be comfortable, yet I will gently push your boundaries while paying every attention to your needs and desires. Let my experience and natural talent for seduction and sexual awakenings bring your fantasy to life!


My open minded and adventurous nature gives me a unique affinity for naughtiness and all things taboo, which is yet another trait that opened my eyes to this business and lifestyle. I’ve found that being one of the more exclusive private Melbourne escorts allows me to satisfy my rebellious side while still maintaining my class and poise.

I have the unique opportunity to spend quality time and sensual encounters with daring, upscale company, and share with them my natural talents for pleasure and seduction. 

Fulfilling fantasies and role playing are a great love of mine, and dressing up for my clients is a naughty pleasure I truly enjoy, so just tell me what your fantasy is and let me take care of the rest. 

I offer full peace of mind, as I insist that everything is discussed before we play together, and 100% discretion is always guaranteed. 

If you’re looking for a naughty or taboo encounter with a gorgeous woman who can fulfill your every desire, please contact me prior to making a booking, so I can arrange the perfect experience for you.

My favourite porn star experience fantasy outfits include :

  • Arabian Belly Dancer
  • Secretary
  • School Girl
  • Nurse
  • Police Woman
  • And many more…

I also take requests, and you are also invited to bring along your favourite outfit for our special date.

“Wild Honey pse experience” rates start at $300 extra (on top of my packages rates which you can view by clicking below). 

Truly Bisexual Couples Escort In Melbourne

Truly Bisexual Couples Escort In Melbourne

Why Not Indulge Both You AND Your Partner?

I can even guide you both through a sacred tantric love making ritual to help you intensify your orgasmic bliss. I will put you and your partner at ease, free you, and help to lift you to a higher vibration. Please inform me prior if this is something you would like to experience.

I love the thought of taking you and your partner to new sexual heights and experiences! Don’t be nervous, as I’m dedicated to putting you both at ease and freeing you as I take you to heaven and back. I’m very respectful of boundaries, and will listen to all concerns and wants fully before engaging in intimacy with the two of you. I also enjoy dates and travel with couples very much, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and the prices for your specific needs and fantasies.

escort-for-couples-melbourneIt’s a pretty special occasion for me when I am invited to play with a gorgeous couple. Be partners in life celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary, or a young couple exploring their sex life for a little extra spice and anything in between,  I truly feel it’s a total honour to be invited into this special partnership for a few hours. I treat this kind of booking as a precious gem, for me personally I find it extremely enjoyable, being truly bisexual, having a beautiful woman to also play with, very much excites me, and puts a little extra spring in my step and sexy sway in my hips as I walk up to knock on your hotel door.

Before playtime however, I like to have a chat with you both to assure I am aware of boundaries, as no two couples are the same and each experience needs to be taylor suited to your personal delights and no go areas. It’s SO important to me that each person in this delectable menage a trois is completely comfortable, relaxed and feeling sexually uninhibited. Anything goes with me, so please never feel you need to hold back.

I delight in ravishing a beautiful woman. There is something about the way a woman kisses, the way she tastes, and that soft cashmere feeling skin that i like to feel, taste and caress all over, truly the 8th wonder of the world. 😉 In saying all of the above, I want to thank you for inviting me into your special world of escape, to indulge with your love and myself, I hope I can help you both to create the most incredible memories to look back on.

Memories of pure ecstasy, freedom and fun. xoxo


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